Referral Program

Incentive Program

Any NEW member who pays their 2017 Membership Dues may begin playing at Bellport Golf Club immediately.

If any current Member wishes to sponsor an incoming member (one who wasn’t a member for the 2016 season) may knock off up to $1000 on their 2017 Membership.

A Bellport Golf Club Member who has been sponsored for membership through the incentive program and discontinues his/her membership may not rejoin the club through the incentive program for a five year period. The five year period is determined from the date the member discontinues membership.

For more information please contact Kelly at 631-286-0327 or click here to email.


Class  Rate  Incentive
 Non-Resident Full Member  $4,500  $1,000
 Non-Resident Associate Full Member  $3,000  $750
 Associate Member  $2,000  $250
 Weekday Member  $3,350  $250
 Full Family Member  $6,750  $1,750
 Resident Full Member  $2,300  $500
 Resident Full Senior  $2,000  $200